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Your pet is unique, you are unique. One size does not fit all (as different people have different wall-space availability and different budgets).

Here are The Williams, when they received their 16″x20″ canvas of their beloved dachshund, Domino Blue.   Receiving your painting is an experience.

Whether you get the 5″x7″, the 32″x40″, or the 48″x60″, it will be delivered to you on a museum grade fine art paper or  gallery-stretched canvas that is professionally packaged and shipped.

The larger a painting is, the more detail can fit into it, which requires a lot more time and effort to create said detail.

Each additional pet also requires additional attention.


I think that life is about happiness and joy. We work hard so that we can play hard. It is why I’m such a huge dog person, because dogs personify joy. My girls have taught me so much about it… And thanks to Ori, I now have a constant reminder to be joyful whenever I walk into the house, or look at my wall. While Ori’s painting of Emmy doesn’t lick my face like Emmy did… It’s the next best thing to having her here with me.

JT Clough

San Diego, CA