Get Pet Portraits That Are As Playful and Colorful As Your Pet

He’s the first artist to make me understand what it’s like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It’s playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it’s Ori.

Kelly Clements

Chicago, IL

My heart is my great danes. When my girl, Rain, was very sick, Ori made a painting of her in my favorite pose.  Thankfully, Rain recovered since… But now if anything happens to her, I have a treasured memory of her.  It hangs over my bed – and it is so unique- with texture, and metal flakes, it shimmers from different angles.

Angela W Stillwell

Pine Mountain, GA

I bought one of Ori’s earlier pieces, a dog chasing a ball. It captures the joy and passion that dogs have, that we can aspire to. I bought it when my wife was battling cancer, as she loved the piece when Ori posted it on Facebook. I’m not saying that Ori’s art cures cancer, but I did buy the piece, and my wife did beat her cancer.

I constantly get praise on the beautiful art whenever people come visit. I also keep it in the background of all my videos. It just brings happiness and energy. Ori was kind enough to ship the art all the way to Scotland. I’d suggest you get some of his original art, where ever in the world you are

Phil Henderson

Glasgow, Scottland