Fine art portraits by an internationally
collected dog person (artist).

All you need is a photo (and it doesn’t even have to be a great one)!

Did it take a lot of treats to get these 3 to pose for this?

Not a single treat was harmed in the making of this painting!

A handful of random photos of the dogs were sent to Ori.

As an experienced photographer, Ori combined 4 images into a single picture, bringing out the details that were hidden in the original images, and painting in additional features that didn’t exist in the photos.

With Ori, you are not limited to what you have in your photos…. Or even reality.

Here are the 4 images that Ori combined to create the final painting.

Who is Ori, and why should I have him paint my fur-babies?

Ori is (this is the short version):
Lifelong dog lover / Lifelong artist / Serious techie / Award-winning photographer / Teller of bad jokes / Playful / Creative / Big-Hearted Do-gooder.

With over 20 years as an artist, and photographer, he can work with any image to create your perfect dog portrait. Ori makes the process easy and fun.

The Process

What goes into making an ORIginal?
Each piece is unique, but there are a few steps that are universal.
(These videos are sped up a few thousand percent)
**Click on the image below to start video**

Ori does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t need to stress:

Over 20 years of experience:

While Ori has been creating art his whole life, he has been photographing and painting people and pets since 1996.

He is not only experienced in creating stunning images, but also in providing superb customer service.

Working with Ori is an experience… A pleasant one.

No need for a photographer :

The true test of a great portrait is capturing your pet’s personality.  Ori can bring personality, depth, color, and much more from a photo that you took on your cell phone or camera.

Ori can even restore detail from old photographs, (usually) work with low-quality photos , and even merge multiple photos into one.

Fun and Easy:

Whether you have a specific look , or color combination in mind, or you just want to let the artist work his magic as he sees best…. The experience is easy.

Just choose your size, send at least one image (or as many as you’d like), check out the digital proof, let Ori know if anything needs to be changed or not, receive your canvas painting in the mail, hang it on your wall, enjoy it for decades to come.

Get the perfect painting:

Ori will help you choose which image is the best for your pet’s portrait.  Then he’ll create the concept for your approval.  Then you’ll receive a digital proof by email.

If there are changes to be made, Ori’s experience and cutting edge tools allow them to be made quickly, so you don’t have to wait long on your painting to be perfect.

A portrait that doesn’t clash:

With Ori’s experience and methodology, he can match the colors of your room and furniture, making sure that your painting will fit right in with your home or office. You can send a photo of the room that you want to put the art in, and Ori will make sure the portrait will match the color palette that exists there.

Ori can also paint your dog in any color or style that you would like.


Ori’ methods empower you:

Your painting is produced with museum-quality materials / canvas (thus, will last for many decades). If anything happens to your painting, or you’d like additional copies as gifts, or you have multiple homes, Ori will get them to you quickly.

Ori archives all of his paintings at multiple locations, so even the backup of your painting has backups.

He’s the first artist to make me understand what it’s like to fall in love with art. His work is the epitome of heart and soul and charisma. It’s playful and energetic and spunky and, well, it’s Ori.

Kelly Clements

Chicago, IL

My heart is my great danes. When my girl, Rain, was very sick, Ori made a painting of her in my favorite pose.  Thankfully, Rain recovered since… But now if anything happens to her, I have a treasured memory of her.  It hangs over my bed – and it is so unique- making me smile every time I walk into my room… And this way Rain is always watching over me.

Angela Stillwell

Pine Mountain, GA

My sister has a many rooms full of incredible Ori art. I’ve got 2 Ori pieces for my house, have commissioned Ori to paint for my daughter, and recently, I surprised my son with an incredible portrait of our dog, Domino Blue, which I had Ori paint. It was a huge hit. People compare the lighting and colors to works by Renoir.

D.j. Williams

Augusta, GA

Ori has captured TJ’s expression so perfectly!  He’s also painted my pig, Rudy, and I have had him paint my daughter’s dog, Taylor. Many of my staff have seen Ori’s superb work, and have commissioned him to paint their dogs.

If you love your pet, you need to have Ori make one of his paintings of it!

Lori R Taylor

Cincinnati, Ohio

OH my God, as soon as I saw this I recognized my First Angel and tears flowed down my face. You did such an amazing job on this painting! It is stunning and almost like a photo of her. Wow, what a gift to me to see how this turned out!  Thank you!



Ori will even paint dogs that meow.

Ori’s painting of my cat Dexter is not only beautiful, but it has actually helped me through the grieving process of losing him. The colors Ori used are striking and the visual style makes for an intriguing art piece I’m happy to display in my living room. I’d recommend him (and have) for anyone who wants a beautiful portrait of their pet.
Palyn Peterson

Colorado Springs, Colorado